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Proven Track Record

Our two PMs boast an impressive track record of delivering outstanding returns for our investors. Driven by a team of experienced professionals, we have consistently identified and capitalized on high-growth opportunities across various sectors. Our strategic investment decisions have yielded strong financial performance, demonstrating our expertise and effectiveness in navigating the complexities of the investment landscape.


Unparalleled Ecosystem

We are a trusted reputable partner with an extraordinary network of entrepreneurs, financial movers, shakers, and industry-leading experts. These East-West and vice versa connection channels serve as a global bridge and allow our companies to go to market and scale with extraordinary success. We also have a world-class ecosystem of leading green-tech partners within our network, including but not limited to TsingHua University, HKUST, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, HKSTP, Cyberport, World Economic Forum, UNESCAP and Uplink etc.

Unique Strategy

We firmly believes in the power of our niche strategy, which centers on a strong focus of green technology and the creation of scalable impact. This strategy serves as our guide through the uncertain market landscape. We envision the next wave of unicorns emerging from the green tech sector, mirroring the rise of internet and consumer goods unicorns in previous decades. Now, more than ever, the spotlight is on green tech - arguably the only sector that transcends geographical boundaries and political tensions. We are confident that investing in green tech can yield extraordinary and outsized returns while simultaneously creating meaningful impact. The fund is committed to the principle that one can indeed thrive financially by doing good environmentally - do well by doing good.

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Robust Deal Flow

Corporate and community partners provide unique access to deal origination and strategic collaboration opportunities, including deep tech companies. Through our fund's prior investments, and portfolio of 60+ companies, we nurture close relationships with various founders, co-investors, and general partners. This enables us to provide information advantage and extraordinary access to broad early-stage portfolios.

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